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AZNANA MOD APK v2.1.4 (Unlimited Deru) For Android

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AZNANA [MOD – Unlimited Deru] – In the distant future, Earth has been ravaged by climate catastrophes and resource wars. The few remaining pockets of humanity cling to existence in a series of colossal megacity arcologies towering amidst an inhospitable wasteland.

You are an elite bounty hunter operating out of the neon-soaked arcology of AZNANA. This cyberpunk megalopolis is a rough frontier of corporate intrigue, black market tech trafficking, and high-stakes gang warfare. If you have the skills and guts, there are fortunes to be made – but getting paid often requires some wet work.

When a mysterious data cache implicating one of the city’s corrupt corp-gov oligarchs falls into your hands, you find yourself caught in the crosshairs of AZNANA’s powerful factions. Each wants the data for themselves, using whatever force necessary to take you down.

To survive, you’ll need to leverage your gun skills, cybernetic augmentations, network of underworld contacts, and mastery of free-running across AZNANA’s sprawling urbanvertigo. Outmaneuver piratehacker assassins, rogue cyborg enforcers, and blood-hungry gangcyborgs in blistering real-time combat.

Use your data cache to turn the factions against each other, upgrade your cyberwear, and forge temporary alliances in the brutal arena of AZNANA’s shadow economy. Every decision you make has consequences – with enemies and allies changing constantly based on your actions.

Along the way, you’ll become entangled in a conspiracy that threatens to upset the balance of power and plunge the arcology into total chaos. What began as just another high-stakes bounty could lead all the way to the top of AZNANA’s upper arcologies…if you can survive that long.

In this harsh cyberfuture world, your body is your weapon. Choose your cyberware augmentations carefully and keep your wits about you, hunter. The dynamos of AZNANA’s underworld are always watching, waiting to strike at any perceived weakness. One wrong move and you’re just another piece of scrap code in the main cortex.

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