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BitGoblins: RPG Simulator

BitGoblins: RPG Simulator MOD APK v0.2.1 (God Mode)

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BitGoblins: RPG Simulator [MOD – God Mode] – Within the thriving Goblin Kingdom, trouble brews due to the fact that their elderly monarch has no heir to pass on the crown. With the king ailing, factional rivalries threaten to fracture the surrounding peace. As rival clans vie for power, internal chaos risks opening the Goblins to external threats.

To prevent turmoil, the king issues a proclamation ordaining any common Goblin youth who can prove their wisdom and leadership capability in one year’s time may claim the throne and crown. As the people murmur excitedly awaiting contenders, you – a lowly unsung Goblin peasant toiling in the mushroom farms – decide to take up this challenge and change the course of history!

Emerging from the rural wilds, you enter the capital city to register your candidacy. Starting with humble means, you must prove savvy navigation of the mystical social hierarchies, economic systems and political backchannels at work across the domain. Guile is required to harvest resources, win allies, and upgrade capabilities in order to outshine competitor heirs aiming to undermine your efforts.

With cunning political strategy, bold entrepreneurial risks and a bit of luck managing fickle public opinion, opportunity awaits to rise rapidly from anonymity to glory as Goblin royalty – provided the traps and threats entrenched powers launch to protect themselves can be overcome! Play the long game correctly and craft your own rags-to riches destiny atop the Goblin Kingdom!

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