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Commando Gun Shooting Games

Commando Gun Shooting Games MOD APK v7.6 (Weak Enemy)

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Commando Gun Shooting Games MOD APK (Weak Enemy) – Sergeant Jacob “Shotgun” Harding was one of the Army’s most decorated and battle-hardened commandos. He had seen more combat tours than most, fighting the worst threats across the globe’s most hostile warzones.

When reports came in of a terrorist cell branching off from a larger extremist network, Harding and his elite squad were called into action. Their mission: infiltrate the group’s heavily fortified middle eastern compound and neutralize the high-value targets before they could strike.

It was just another day at the office for the grizzled commandos as they fast-roped from helicopters with their array of devastating weaponry. Harding led the charge through the compound gates, cutting down enemy militants with the business end of his assault shotgun.

Inside the dusty maze of buildings and alleyways, all hell broke loose. The commandos fought room-to-room, trading bullets with waves of insurgents armed with AK-47s and RPGs. Concrete walls shattered as Harding unleashed shotgun blasts, never hesitating to put down threats with extreme prejudice.

When a group of hostages were discovered, Harding switched to non-lethal rounds to take out their captors without casualties. But the rescue op went sideways after an ambush of suicide bombers charged their position. The commandos relied on hair-trigger quick-scoping skills with sniper rifles to drop the fanatical fighters before they could reach the hostages.

Finally, they located the terror cell’s high command in an underground bunker, protected by the group’s most elite guards. Harding switched to a belt-fed machine gun and bathed the area in a hailstorm of lead, giving his squadmates the chance to toss in grenades and smoke. When the dust settled, the enemy leaders were either dead or captured.

With the main objective achieved, Harding called in an airstrike on the compound to wipe out any remaining hostile forces. As the commandos exfiltrated, he reloaded his shotgun with a steely look – this was just one job completed, with countless more critical missions in the war against terror still to come.

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