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Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution

Crab War MOD APK v3.68.0 (One Hit, Golden Spawn)

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Crab War MOD APK (One Hit, Golden Spawn) – takes players on an epic journey of idle evolution through the undersea kingdoms. As the last remaining crab mutant, players must build up their colony and army of crustacean warriors to reclaim the ocean depths.

The game starts with players hatching a few basic crab larvae which slowly evolve into bigger, tougher adult crabs over time. Crabs earn resources like algae and pearls that can be spent to expand the colony and mutate new specialized breeds of warriors.

As the colony grows, players unlock new crab types like soldiers, healers, defenders, ranged attackers and more. Each has unique abilities that make their swarms more powerful and effective in battle. As colony facilities expand, defensive towers, obstacles, and even indestructible anchor units can be built.

Beyond just idly watching their crabs multiply, players face waves of encroaching enemies bent on destroying their colony. Jellyfish, eel hordes, giant squids and other hostile undersea creatures must be thwarted by strategically deploying and evolving the right crab units.

The ultimate goal is to evolve powerful mutant crabs like the giant King Crab and lead devastating swarm attacks to seize territory from other kingdoms of vastly stronger creatures. Beating major invasion bosses unlocks new realms to expand the crab empire.

With its deep idle colony building systems, tower defense/invasion battles, varied crab evolutions, and vibrant crustacean cast, Crab War delivers a delightfully absurd yet addictive incremental swarm game. Building unstoppable crab hordes has never felt so satisfying!

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