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Criminal Case: Save the World!

Criminal Case: Save the World! MOD APK v2.40 (Unlimited Money, Energy, Stars)

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Criminal Case: Save the World! MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy, Stars) – The year is 2025 and the world teeters on the brink of disaster. A shadowy criminal syndicate called VANGUARD has spent years amassing power, wealth, and weapons in a bid to take over the globe. Now they are finally ready to launch their insidious master plan – to seize control of the world’s nuclear arsenals and hold humanity hostage.

Only one team of elite detectives from the FBI, Interpol, MI6, and other top agencies stands in VANGUARD’s way – the Criminal Case Investigative Team. This hand-picked squad of the world’s most brilliant investigators has been hunting VANGUARD’s trail for years, slowly unraveling their web of criminal activities across the globe.

Leading the team is hard-nosed American agent Sam McKenzie and her by-the-book partner, UK’s Daniel Singh. Along with top agents like cunning Russian Anya Petrova, tech genius Rick Murray, and others, they finally have enough evidence to track VANGUARD to their secret headquarters. But when they assault the enemy lair, the team walks into a horrifying trap set by the criminal mastermind simply known as “Prometheus.”

The team is captured and split apart, with Prometheus threatening to launch nukes against major cities every few hours until his billion-dollar ransom is paid. He also has personal vendettas and punishments planned for each member of the team who has been a thorn in his side for far too long.

Now, players must take control of the agents as they find themselves trapped in hidden hostile locations all around the world, from the Australian Outback to the Las Vegas streets to a subterranean temple in Mexico. At each creepy spot, they must comb through hazardous environments in pulse-pounding hidden object scenes to find scattered clues, tools, and weapons that could aid in their escape.

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