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Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG

Cyberika MOD APK v2.0.13-rc656 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

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Cyberika MOD APK [Unlimited Money, All Unlocked] – throws players into a dystopian future where mega-corporations control everything and cybernetically-enhanced humans compete in violent sport arenas for fame and fortune.

You take on the role of a cyberpunk gladiator who must fight their way through Arena mode’s brutal battles using guns, swords, armor upgrades and deadly special moves. Defeating opponents allows you to upgrade stats and customize cyber limbs with advanced weaponry. Cyberika MOD APK

In the immersive Story mode, explore Night City’s sinister districts while taking on missions to undermine the powerful mega-corps by stealing data, sabotaging factories and assassinating targets. The branching missions allow players to support different factions trying to control the city.

Key gameplay focuses on tactically combining ranged and melee combat. Dodge and deflect enemy attacks while utilizing cover and cloak abilities. The RPG progression system allows deep pilot customization – boost strength for damage or focus on stealth and hacking abilities. Equip gear like strength enhancing cyberarms or adopt a berserk-state inducing biosynthetic rage implant.

The neo-noir aesthetic stunningly brings the gritty, rain-slicked metropolis to life with raytraced lighting effects. Cyberika blends the story-driven RPG depth seen in console games with visually breathtaking mobile action gameplay for the perfect cyberpunk experience on the go.

With a gripping nonlinear story across sprawling urban maps and heart pounding PvP arena battles, Cyberika offers an incredibly polished and unparalleled sci-fi action experience on mobile devices.

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