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Dark Riddle

Dark Riddle MOD APK v24.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Dark Riddle [MOD – Unlimited Money] – Professor Nathaniel Middleton obsessed over riddles and ancient civilizations. When he mysteriously vanished after making an archaeological discovery in South America, his estranged daughter Emma decided to investigate.

Emma tracked her father’s last known steps to an ancient Incan temple high in the Andes. Inside, she found his abandoned campsite and research notes. These hinted he had uncovered evidence of a legendary artifact of immense power. However, there was no sign of Professor Middleton himself.

Following cryptic clues her father seemed to leave behind, Emma ventured deeper into the crumbling temple complex. She soon realized this journey had become a deadly game of wits. Her father had set up a gauntlet of puzzles, traps, and obstacles for her to solve to uncover the truth of his disappearance.

With each room she entered, Emma faced mind-bending riddles. In addition, perilous pitfalls and ancient mechanisms threatened to crush or impale her if she failed to deduce the solutions. The stakes escalated as she delved into the shadows of the temple’s unholy past.

What had compelled Professor Middleton to create this elaborate deathtrap for his daughter? Was he alive? And what powerful secrets lay at the heart of this Dark Riddle? Relying on her intellect and daring, Emma had to unravel the larger mystery and each test to survive this deadly labyrinth and find her missing father.

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