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Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

Dead Target: Zombie MOD APK v4.130.0 (Unlimited Resources)

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Dead Target: Zombie MOD APK [Unlimited Resources] – is an intense zombie-themed first-person shooter game for mobile. Set in the near future during a worldwide zombie apocalypse, players assume the role of a survivor trying to avoid the infected at all costs.

The game’s single player campaign has 40+ daring missions spread across 4 hostile districts swarming with the undead. Players have to blast through decaying zombies and mutated monsters with deadly headshots and tactical assaults using a variety of upgradable weapons.

An arsenal of firearms awaits like pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns to rocket launchers. Special weapons like the Plasma Rifle burn zombies with focused electromagnetic energy. Players have to adapt their shooting tactics to preserve bullets and medicine.

Missions involve defending areas like laboratories and military bases, assassinating zombie bosses, infiltrating zombie hives to eliminate queens, and surviving wave after wave during relentless zombie assaults.

The destructible environments add tactical considerations with explosive barrels and gas cylinders lying around. Zombies can hear gunfire and converge on your location, forcing you to find alternate escape routes.

As players progress, they earn gold coins and skill points allowing them to customize weapons with laser sights, expanded ammo, critical hit chance and armor penetration. Using sniper rifles and landing dead eye, long range headshots becomes extremely satisfying.

With intense shooter action across sprawling maps in an immersive atmosphere, Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D offers a heart-pounding survival horror shooter experience on mobile with deep progression.

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