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Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Dungeon: Age of Heroes MOD APK v1.14.700 (Unlimited Money)

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Dungeon: Age of Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – In the shadow of the towering Dreadmount Mountains, the once prosperous Kingdom of Valoran has fallen into decay. For centuries, the brave knights and mages protected the realm from the ancient evils lurking within the endless underground labyrinth known as the Dreadmount Dungeons.

However, when the Dungeons began inexplicably spawning new levels at an exponential rate, even Valoran’s most seasoned heroes were overwhelmed. The Dungeons unleashed a relentless onslaught of twisted monsters and dungeon guardians upon the surface world.

You are the last surviving member of the Circle of Heroes – Valoran’s legendary order of elite dungeoneers. Destiny has called upon you to descend into the seemingly bottomless Dreadmount Dungeons and put an end to the escalating chaos by vanquishing the source of its resurgence.

Equip your hero from a huge array of fantasy armaments, arcane spells, and specialized armor sets looted from fallen foes. Will you be a heavily armored warrior that tank’s damage, a spell-slinging mage unleashing arcane hell, or perhaps the roguish archer striking from the shadows?

No matter your chosen path, you’ll need to strategically construct and upgrade your party by recruiting capable companions – everything from knights and rangers to mages and barbarians. Each has unique strengths and formation bonuses to exploit.

The further down into the everchanging depths you delve, the more diabolical dungeon layouts, devastating boss encounters, and menacing new monstrosities you’ll face. Skeletal undead, towering golems, subterranean dragons – none can be permitted to halt your quest.

Dig up powerful ancient artifacts and master runecrafting to gain battlefield bonuses. For only by unlocking the Dreadmount Dungeons’ long-buried mysteries can you hope to thwart the looming evil corrupting the depths before it consumes Valoran itself.

Become the Age’s truest Dungeon Hero and save the Kingdom of Valoran from burial beneath an eternal torrent of dungeon nightmares!

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