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Dungeon Dogs - Idle RPG

Dungeon Dogs MOD APK v3.2.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Dungeon Dogs [MOD – Unlimited Money] – is a light-hearted and humorous idle RPG that follows the adventures of a misfit party of canine heroes exploring a treacherous underground dungeon.

The story begins when a group of ordinary house dogs – a corgi, bulldog, retriever and others – accidentally fall through a hidden magical portal while chasing a cat. They emerge on the other side in a vast, monster-infested dungeon filled with treasure, traps, and no clear way back home.

Despite being just domesticated pups, the dogs quickly realize that with some teamwork and the magical loot lying around, they may be able to fight their way through the dungeon’s dangers. Their goal is simple – find the exit portal back to their world while collecting as many doggy treats and riches as they can carry.

The core gameplay is an idle RPG system. Players don’t directly control the dogs, but instead manage and optimize their party by upgrading gear, abilities, formations and skills when idle. Dogs will passively traverse deeper into the procedurally generated dungeon, battling monsters while the player is away.

Between idle segments, players can collect resources and currencies earned, customize each dog’s equipment and job assignments, learn new combat abilities, and make key choices that influence future encounters.

The dungeon environments and enemy types get wackier and more challenging as the pooch party descends into its depths. From kobolds and skeletons to giant bosses like three-headed hell hounds, the dogs will face off against all manner of quirky fantasy foes.

Character building and party synergy are key – with canine battlemasters, rogues, mages and more unlocking as players progress. The story also evolves as the dungeon dogs start to uncover strange secrets about the dungeon’s origins and their own mysterious fate as unlikely adventurers.

With its tongue-in-cheek humor, simple but addictive RPG mechanics, and cavalcade of goofy enemy encounters, Dungeon Dogs offers an amusing and unique take on the idle RPG genre that dog-lovers will especially enjoy.

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