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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy MOD APK v7.1.1 (Infinite Money/Unlocked)

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Family Guy [MOD – Infinite Money/Unlocked] – The story begins in Quahog, where the Griffin family and their wacky neighbors are going about their normal, zany routines. However, things take an unexpected turn when a surprise meteor shower opens up a dimensional rift, unleashing a chaos storm upon the town.

This strange phenomenon causes objects and characters from different realms of insanity to start materializing all over Quahog. Beloved Family Guy characters are getting displaced and transported to bizarre alternate dimensions. Meanwhile, random items like giant chickens, piles of puffed-up Peter clones, and Buzz Lightyear-style robots start popping up around town.

In the midst of this reality meltdown, Peter Griffin goes on a quest to try and return order to his warped hometown. However, true to Peter’s nature, his main motivation is simply to collect all the random “stuff” that keeps appearing thanks to the dimensional rifts.

The player controls Peter as he explores an open-world Quahog, now a trippy hodgepodge of dimensional anomalies. Along the way, you’ll encounter famous Family Guy characters and locations, but altered into weird forms by the reality issues.

For example, you may run into a giant anthropomorphic Stewie, or find Peter’s pal Quagmire fused into the Granite Superman from “Something Something Something Dark Side.” You’ll need to complete outrageous quests and puzzles to free the displaced characters.

As Peter gathers up artifacts and characters, he brings them back to his base – titled “The Stuff Mall” – a sprawling complex where collected items get stored and cataloged. Players can use the gathered “stuff” to customize their Stuff Mall into its own eccentric museum of universe-hopping oddities.

Helping Peter on his quest is Brian the dog and other Quahog residents not displaced by the rifts. Stewie plays a major role, using his scientific mind to try and understand the cosmic forces behind the dimensional breaches.

Opposing them are classic Family Guy villains like the Greased-Up Deaf Guy and the giant chicken, who take advantage of the chaos to cause mischief. Liam Neeson guest stars as a powerful cross-dimensional being controlling the rift events.

The finale involves Peter and the gang pulling off a metaphysical scheme to reboot the universe and put reality back into its doofy order. But only after Peter has collected every last randomized item spawned across dimensions into his ultimate capitalist Stuff Mall.

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