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FPS Commando Gun Shooting Game

FPS Commando Gun Shooting Game MOD APK v6.8

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FPS Commando Gun Shooting Game [MOD – God Mode/Dumb Enemy] – Captain Marcus Blade sprinted down the shadowed alleyway, the pounding of combat boots on pavement echoing behind him. Gunfire erupted, bullets whizzing past as he zigzagged evasively.

“This is Blade!” he yelled into his comms unit. “We’re taking heavy fire, pinned down near the market square. Requesting immediate air support!”

Static crackled in his earpiece. “Negative Blade, all air units are engaged. You’re on your own for now. Get to the extraction point, we’ll have a chopper there in 10 mikes!”

Gritting his teeth, Blade signaled his squad to take cover. They stacked up behind a burned out armored vehicle, returning fire at the insurgents crowding the alley.

“Listen up!” Blade roared over the roar of automatic weapons. “We’re outnumbered and cut off. Our only shot is to blast our way through to the old cathedral. From there we can get to the LZ. Lay down some suppressing fire and get ready to move on my mark!”

Switching his rifle to full auto, Blade leaned out and hosed the alley with a blistering stream of gunfire. “Now! Go go go!” he bellowed.

His squad surged forward in a mad dash, bullets whizzing all around as Blade covered their retreat. Up ahead, the vaulted arches of the ruined cathedral came into view. They piled inside, slamming the heavy wooden doors shut behind them.

“Take up defensive positions,” Blade panted, “we’ll have to hold this place until-“

A deafening blast of shattering glass cut him off as a rocket screamed through a stained glass window and detonated against a pillar, showering them with shrapnel and debris. Reeling from the concussion, Blade glimpsed dark figures rushing towards the smashed doorway.

He grabbed his sidearm and rose into a firing crouch, joining his squad’s barrage. “Here they come! For all we’re worth boys, LET’S BRING IT!”

The barrel of his pistol flamed in the gloom as he fought with savage determination. Failure was simply not an option. They would make their stand here, no matter the odds.

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