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Galaxy Genome [Space Sim]

Galaxy Genome MOD APK v11.5.27 (Full Game)

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Galaxy Genome MOD APK (Full Game) – The year is 2169. You are an intrepid spaceship captain hired by GenoCorp – a shadowy biotech firm obsessed with DNA collecting experiments across the cosmos. Your deep space travel mission? Seek out new lifeforms on uncharted exoplanets to extract genetic samples for their secretive “Genome Archive” database.

Preparing cryogenic pods in your sleek gene-sequencer vessel, the Helix, you set off among the stars towards target solar systems pinpointed by probe data as hosting biology never before encountered. Dropping out of FTL drives, each alien world presents environmental challenges to safely obtain organic specimens while battling hostile creatures or punishing weather.

Collecting tissue, cell or bone samples launches analysis of unique extraterrestrial enzymes, proteins and microbiome profiles – highly valued data to sell back to GenoCorp’s covert bioweapons division for decoding into new medical cures…and military biotech. But when scans detect intelligent signals coming from one unmapped planet, you hesitate realizing the inhabitants face deadly risk from this dubious genetics enterprise.

You wrestle ethical dilemmas of balancing scientific progress versus preservation in the vastness of space. But when GenoCorp orders demand ignoring “primitive life” and collecting more samples, you must ultimate decide where your true principles lie. Will you stand up for moral justice over the edicts of shady corporate paymasters? Or follow protocols of ambiguous advancement into the great Galaxy Genome?

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