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GETCHA GHOST-The Haunted House

GETCHA GHOST MOD APK v2.0.173 (Unlimited Money)

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GETCHA GHOST [MOD – Unlimited Money] – Most dare not even glance at the eerie old Victorian mansion on the edge of town, let alone set foot inside. Legend tells of an evil presence lurking within – vengeful spirits who have scared off anyone brave or foolish enough to investigate over the years. Supposedly, even a team of determined ghost hunters once vanished there without a trace.

But tales of ghostly encounters can’t deter you, an ambitious rookie reality show host dying for your big break in the paranormal entertainment biz. Against all advice, you’ve secured permission to mount a live night-vision webcast from inside the infamous haunted house, determined to achieve what no one else could – definitive proof of the otherworldly.

Setting up an array of static cameras throughout the dusty living quarters and musty basement chambers, you begin your lockdown broadcast alone as midnight strikes. At first, all seems calm. Then come the phantom footsteps. The faint whispers. Your pulse quickens when bizarre ectoplasmic shapes drift past the cameras. Could these finally be hard evidence of the resident spirits?

But the true nightmare starts when all the camera feeds suddenly go dark. As you scan anxiously with night vision glasses, an unearthly growl sounds right behind you…then materializes into a ghoulish, red-eyed wraith! Your webcast has awoken forces beyond mortal comprehension. Now you must survive a real-life paranormal ordeal and somehow escape the clutches of the true haunters of this house. Because if the legends are true, no one has ever emerged to tell the tale…

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