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Gun Strike: FPS Shooting Games

Gun Strike: FPS Shooting Games MOD APK v3.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Gun Strike: FPS Shooting Games MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – In the gritty, war-torn city of Warzone, a mercenary crisis has erupted as private military corporations battle for control of the region’s resources. You are a veteran gun-for-hire caught in the crossfire of this explosive conflict.

Trained in operating the most advanced weaponry and armed to the teeth, your unparalleled shooting skills have made you the most sought-after mercenary in Warzone. But you’ll need to stay frosty and fight smart, as each new contract pits you against increasingly deadly opposing mercenary forces.

From dense urban battlegrounds with knee-high rubble for cover, to open desert artillery sites with long sightlines, every firefight is a fight for survival against these heavily-armed corporations. Tactically clear rooms and buildings, dodge enemy grenades, and rake enemy positions with bursts of machine gun fire.

Between missions, return to your heavily-guarded safe house to rearm, resupply, and acquire new weapons and gear looted from fallen adversaries. Customize your loadout by upgrading weapons with scopes, silencers, grenade launchers and more.

As you fight through the city sector by sector, you’ll encounter new tactics being employed – barricaded snipers, jet-pack equipped infantry, even hostile mechs and tanks join the fray. Your mastery of both short and long-range combat will be pushed to its limits.

But the real threat may be the mystery of who’s truly pulling the strings in Warzone. Uncover intel on a conspiracy that could upend the entire balance of power and land you in the crosshairs of Warzone’s elite assassins.

In this merciless urban battleground, it’s hunt or be hunted. Complete your contracts, stack your arsenal higher than your enemy’s, and make sure you’re the last merc still gunning when the smoke clears in Warzone.

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