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Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive MOD APK v3.5.25 (Unlimited Energy)

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Jurassic World Alive [MOD – Unlimited Energy] – Four years after the disastrous events at Jurassic World, InGen’s experiments with clone engineering and new hybrid dinosaurs continue unabated. Supplying illicit dinosaur DNA to wealthy bio-engineers on the black market has become big business.

You are a new recruit hired by InGen for field operations to capture dangerous cloned dinosaurs from fenced preserves and remote habitats for transport to buyers. But it soon becomes clear that rampant hybrids are spreading far beyond secured areas.

Armed with specialized weapons and geo-tracking equipment, your rogue missions into wild spaces turn into heart-pounding scrambles for survival against contests with deadly predators – from giant Raptors programmed for hunting pack tactics to towering Tyrannosaurus Rex that can sense fear. Tranquilizing these beasts before you become lunch is all part of routine capture duty.

However, word soon spreads that you have an uncanny talent for handling even the most vicious of InGen’s experiments. Before long, you start getting assigned the most daring and risky capture assignments from a mysterious client list of elite collectors, bio-weapons engineers and warlords seeking the ultimateguard animals.

As “hyper-fauna” sightings continue appearing globally, how far will you go fulfilling promises of dangerous creature DNA for clients playing god? Can real world ecosystems survive the reckless fusion of Jurassic genetics tearing through barriers? Where will the fallout from this extinction level threat land when Stein hybrids evolve beyond any control?

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