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Legacy Cost

Legacy Cost MOD APK v1.1.3 (Attack Multiplier/Dumb Enemy)

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Legacy Cost [MOD – Attack Multiplier/Dumb Enemy] – You are the latest in a long line of powerful mages tasked with maintaining the secrecy and safety of the magical realm. For centuries, your family has served as protectors and overseers of the Vellumian Codex – an ancient tome capable of reshaping reality itself through spellcasting.

The Codex’s power is immense, but it comes at a price. Each time one of its reality-altering spells is cast, it destabilizes the boundaries between realms, allowing threats from other dimensions to bleed through. It’s your duty as a Vellumian mage to monitor these incursions and neutralize any otherworldly entities or artifacts that slip through the cracks.

On your 25th year as the realm’s guardian, a powerful surge ripples through the Codex during a routine spell casting. Before you can react, you’re overwhelmed by a mystical shockwave and awaken transported to a terrifying alien dimension – a hellish wasteland of tattered realities colliding.

As you explore this unstable plane, you encounter horrors and wonders beyond imagining. Fragments of worlds warped beyond recognition, civilizations crystallized in time, and entities of incomprehensible power and malice. You quickly realize the surge was no accident – the Codex’s power has been hijacked by an anarchic force.

With the knowledge of your ancestral magic and the Codex’s spells, you must forge an arsenal of abilities to combat the escalating threats emerging from the rift between dimensions. Tapping into primal mystic forces, you’ll wield spells that can reshape the battlefield itself while hunting for clues to return home.

But the more you utilize the Codex’s reality-bending magic, the more unstable the barriers become between realms. What began as a containment effort soon spirals into an all-out struggle to protect the entire multiverse from complete unraveling. How much of your soul and legacy are you willing to sacrifice to heal the cosmic wound? The price may be higher than you ever imagined.

Legacy Cost MOD APK (Attack Multiplier/Dumb Enemy) แจกโปรเกม Legacy Cost โหลดได้แล้วที่ Y4Apk เกมฟรียอดนิยม

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