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My Town: Fire station Rescue

My Town: Fire station Rescue MOD APK v7.00.09 (Full Game)

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My Town: Fire station Rescue MOD APK (Full Game) – Here you can play as a brave firefighter or an enthusiastic rescue worker. You are allowed to choose the role you want to experience and perform all the tasks assigned to you to the best of your abilities. Depending on the choices of each player, you will also gain a lot of experience in dealing with complex situations in a wide and diverse manner.

Can save game and continue your adventure indefinitely.
When it comes to My Town, players can conveniently enjoy the save game mode. In this mode, you can quit the game or quit individual matches whenever you are busy with unexpected matters. After you return to the game again All your steps will be perfectly preserved. And no action is lost, so you can keep your experience exciting and engaging.

Discover the location of the fire that requires extinguishing.
My Town takes you to many emergency and dangerous situations where you have to act. In the city there are often fire emergencies. And the fire brigade must come to extinguish those terrible fires. During the mission You will discover many places. Many in the city

in the fire station There are many rooms for you to experience.
There are usually about nine places in a fire station that you need to know before becoming a brave firefighter. The fire station consists of a mission control room, bathroom, kitchen… and many other rooms for the fastest extinguishing of fires. Just listen to the sirens. No matter what you’re doing You still have to prepare to complete all the tasks and bring peace to the city.

This is a game for kids.
My Town is an entertaining game that provides exciting knowledge to children. and help them understand this life more. This game is made for kids aged 4 to 12 only. Your child will love and have fun experiencing the addictive and lively levels. Moreover, If you are enthusiastic and want to give it a try, join. You can play with your children.

Learn about the life of a firefighter.
When you come to My Town, you should learn about the life and conditions of firefighters. Everyone will have their own unique situation. Let’s chat and get to know your teammates to build a fun and closer relationship. Then you can better understand their personality and preferences. You can tell what kind of person they are by their outward actions. However, most of them are kind-hearted and have strong hearts. And do your best to help make your city more peaceful.

My Town: Fire station Rescue MOD APK (Full Game) แจกโปรเกม My Town: Fire station Rescue MOD โหลดได้แล้วที่ Y4Apk เกมฟรียอดนิยม

Your family can visit you at the fire station.
You have a noble mission and must stay away from your family. If parents remember, they can go to the fire station to meet and visit their children with peace of mind. To create a fun atmosphere, you can invite them to play the most interesting game of ping pong. Accept everyone’s love and become a great firefighter in the eyes of everyone in this city.

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