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Odysseus Kosmos: Point & Click

Odysseus Kosmos MOD APK v1.0.33 (Unlimited Money)

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Odysseus Kosmos [MOD – Unlimited Money] – The year is 2050. Humanity can now travel faster than light. Eager to explore, the Odysseus Kosmos corporation recruits daring individuals for their first manned voyage to a distant star system. You play as Vesper Huntley, an esteemed astrophysicist chosen for the Odysseus I mission. Your goal is to survey planets in the Gliese 581 system for resources and colonization.

After cryosleep, you awake to a damaged ship and missing crew. With only an AI named Homer, you must explore and repair the deserted ship. Strange noises and damage suggest an alien infiltration. Using your wits, you solve puzzles to open new sections, slowly uncovering what happened. It’s clear an alien life form took the crew for unknown reasons.

With systems restored, you travel to Gliese 581c, a rocky ocean planet. Battling the harsh environment, you search for clues to the crew’s fate. Homer assists you in this point & click adventure as you uncover what transpired and locate your fellow travelers.

Step-by-step, you become immersed in an epic sci-fi mystery. Your choices shape the narrative as you search for the truth. With intellect and curiosity guiding you, you alone must discover what happened on humankind’s first great odyssey into the cosmos.

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