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Shadows of Kurgansk

Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK v1.3.61.59 (Unlimited Money)

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Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – is a stealth action game for iOS and Android developed by Ankama Games. Set in a supernatural Soviet universe, players assume the role of a reconnaissance officer stranded in a mysterious, maze-like city.

After their squad disappears during a covert mission into the remote city of Kurgansk, the protagonist must survive stealthily while uncovering the secret Soviet experiments happening there under total secrecy. The threat comes from scientifically-created monstrosities the Soviets have bred within the endless concrete walls and buildings.

Core gameplay involves sneaking through the expansive, procedurally generated urban maze avoiding threats like semi-human mutants, zombie soldiers, disfigured beasts, ghostly entities and Soviet counterintelligence agents. Various gadgets like night vision goggles, cameras, sound detectors and experimental weapons assist infiltration. Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK

The level progression and open world, free roaming environments encourage stealth-focused exploration rewarded with ammo and medical caches within the haunting setting. Missions involve rescuing prisoners, identifying scientific files on horrid experiments and transmitting evidence of the Soviets’ ethical violations and supernatural encounters occurring in Kurgansk.

With its procedurally generated city promising new layouts and paths on every playthrough, Shadows of Kurgansk fuses suspenseful urban exploration through a vast concrete jungle with stealth-action combat against twisted Soviet experiments gone wrong lurking in the darkness.

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