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Space shooter - Galaxy attack

Space shooter MOD APK v1.772 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

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Space shooter [MOD – Unlimited Money/Diamonds] – is an arcade-style top-down space shooter game that thrusts players into intergalactic combat against invading alien swarms.

In the game’s story, the Milky Way galaxy is under attack by the Xenos – a vicious alien armada bent on galactic conquest. With Earth’s defenses decimated, players take command of humanity’s last fighter ship and embark on a desperate offensive to save the galaxy.

Players pilot their advanced combat spacecraft equipped with rapid-fire blasters, homing missiles, plasma beams and other high-tech armaments. The goal is to blast through endless waves of Xeno fighters, bombers, interceptors, and massive capital ships while strategically avoiding their blistering return fire.

As players progress through missions spanning different sectors of the galaxy, they’ll encounter bosses in the form of monumental alien motherships and cruisers. Defeating these behemoths earns valuable resources for upgrading the player’s ship with weapons, shields, engines, and drones.

With fully customizable controls, players can freely steer their ship while also managing power distribution between weapons, shields and other systems in real-time. Split-second reactions are necessary to evade swarms of enemy projectiles and use boost maneuvers.

In addition to the main campaign mode, Galaxy Attack also delivers intense score-based wave mode challenges. Online leaderboards let players compete for galactic domination by setting high score records.

Filled with intense shmup action, upgradable ships, epic space battles, and dynamic neon sci-fi visuals, Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack provides an exhilarating arcade shooter experience perfect for quick mobile sessions. Players must put their skills to the ultimate test to defeat the Xenos and save Earth.

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