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Station 117 - Room Escape Game

Station 117 MOD APK v1.0.4 (Full Game Unlocked)

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Station 117 [MOD – Full Game Unlocked] – You wake up in a dimly lit room with no memory of how you got there. As your eyes adjust, you realize you’re trapped inside an abandoned research station, sealed off from the outside world. The controls are locked, and no one is answering your calls for help over the facility’s intercom.

Through piecing together classified documents and video logs scattered about the room, you slowly uncover the horrifying truth. This station was previously used for top-secret experiments involving interdimensional travel and making contact with parallel universes.

Something went catastrophically wrong during their research. The last log details a breach occurring – a violent shockwave emanating from the central chamber, killing the staff and sealing off each room’s exits with an impenetrable lockdown.

Worse yet, the trans-dimensional rift they opened seems to have allowed something else to slither through the dimensional rift – an unseen, sinister presence that is now stalking the hallways and rooms of the abandoned Station 117.

Your goal is to escape this nightmarish facility before whatever came through the rift can track you down. But opening the way out means solving a series of intricate puzzles and riddles left behind by the ill-fated researchers.

Each room you find yourself trapped in will be a new maze-like environmental puzzle using the objects around you in creative ways. Maybe restarting an electrical circuit by rerouting portable power nodes. Deciphering cryptic clues from manuscripts to unlock sealed containers. Even having to survive deadly traps and hazards left awake by the entity from the other side.

As you dive deeper into the station, security footage and audio logs start alluding to the terrifying nature of the interdimensional visitor. It’s an amorphous, predatory presence that can manipulate the physical world in seemingly impossible ways.

The game’s tension amplifies as the creature grows aware of your presence and starts hunting you more aggressively, using its virual physics-warping abilities to create twisted, otherworldly obstacles in its path.

The finale could have you reaching the main chamber housing the rift generator – potentially the only way to close off the breach and force the invading presence back through the portal.

But doing so may require making an impossible choice – trap yourself inside Stadium 117 alone with the beast to ensure the rift is permanently sealed. Or leave it open just enough to risk the entity escaping to the outside world, but giving yourself one final chance at freedom.

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