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Stickman Red boy and Blue girl

Stickman Red boy and Blue girl MOD v2.5.5 (Unlimited Money)

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Stickman Red boy and Blue girl [MOD – Unlimited Money] – Red is a stickman with a red body who lives in a peaceful village nestled in a forest. One day while out collecting berries, he wanders deeper into the woods than usual. He stumbles upon a blue stick girl crying by a tree.

“Hi, I’m Red. Are you okay?” Red asks.

“No. I’m lost. I was picking flowers and wandered too far from home,” Blue replies sadly.

“Well don’t worry, I can help you find your way back. My village isn’t far. We can go there first to get help,” Red says.

Blue dries her tears and takes Red’s hand. As they walk through the dense forest, the sky darkens. Strange noises fill the air. Red and Blue huddle close together, scared of what night creatures lurk behind the trees watching them.

They finally reach Red’s village, but find it utterly destroyed. Houses are burnt down and stick people lay unmoving on the ground. Red runs to each one, but there are no survivors. Blue comforts the devastated Red.

“Who could have done this?” Red says angrily through tears. Before Blue can reply, they hear a loud cackle. From the trees emerges a black stickman, taller and more menacing than any stickman they’d seen. His smile glints sharply in the firelight.

“That would be me. I’m Shadow, the destroyer of villages,” he rasps. Red charges at Shadow in a fit of rage, but Shadow easily swats him aside. As Shadow towers over the helpless Red and Blue, ready to strike, Blue spots a red gemstone glinting in the rubble. She reaches for it desperately and finds it fills her hand withstrength…

Let me know if you would like me to continue the story from there or focus the plot differently. I aimed to set up an initial mystery about Blue’s origins while introducing a villain for them to battle.

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