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The Complex

The Complex MOD APK v1.5 (Unlock Paid)

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The Complex [MOD – Unlock Paid] – The year is 2035. A catastrophic event has occurred at The Complex, a secretive research facility on the outskirts of a remote, snow-covered town.

You play as Dr. Emma Russell, a neuroscientist who was one of the lead researchers at The Complex before this mysterious disaster happened. Receiving a cryptic message from The Complex’s director urging you to return, you make your way back through the silent, empty town.

Arriving at The Complex, the power is out and the lab is eerily quiet. Making your way through the dark, deserted corridors with only a flashlight, you encounter debris and destruction indicating a major system failure. The deeper you go, the more erratic the facility seems. Strange noises and flickering lights put your nerves on edge.

You soon discover the experiments performed here were even more unethical than you realized. The deeper you delve, the more disturbing information you uncover about what was being done in secret. Something went horribly wrong and now the subjects of these experiments – endowed with strange psychic abilities – appear to be loose

With your knowledge of the facility’s layout and inner workings, you have to contain this situation before it spreads beyond The Complex walls. But the mutated subjects are growing violent and unpredictable. Armed with only your wits and science knowledge, you desperately struggle to restore power and safety systems.

But the subjects are altering the facility in terrifying ways with their psychic powers. As the line between reality and madness blurs, you begin questioning what is truly happening here. Is there an even darker truth beneath all this?

With time running out, your choices determine the fates of The Complex, the town, and yourself. Can you find redemption and uncover the secrets buried in this nightmarish lab? In the end, you may not like what you discover about The Complex…or your role in it.

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