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Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park APK + MOD v1.0.9 (Full Game)

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Thimbleweed Park APK + MOD (Full Game) – It was supposed to be a simple year – serve out his short sentence for petty theft, keep his head down at the run-down Thimbleweed Park prison, and then walk free to start life over. That was the plan for Ray, an aging has-been hacker who took an easy robbery job in desperation.

But things in Thimbleweed Park never go according to plan. It began with a bizarre murder that had the dysfunctional local police baffled. Then shady federal agents arrived, grilling Ray and the other inmates without explanation. As troubling computer glitches started disrupting the entire town, it became clear some kind of sinister conspiracy was brewing.

Teaming up with the brash young computer wiz Delores, who had been stuffed away in Thimbleweed for her own crimes, Ray began to piece together the disturbing truth. Decades ago, Thimbleweed Park had been home to a pioneering software company that achieved incredible technological breakthroughs. Somehow their lost research was being reactivated, putting the entire town – maybe even reality itself – in jeopardy.

To stop the impending code-based calamity, Ray and Delores would need to escape the prison, solve bizarre puzzles, and track down the aging founders of that mysterious corporation before time ran out. Their bizarre point-and-click adventure took them from dank sewers to dusty public libraries to haunted abandoned amusement parks.

Fortunately, despite their constant bickering and insulting banter, the unlikely partners were aided by a motley crew of eccentric locals. Franklin the sarcastic clown, Reginald the delusional pirate-king, and so many more strange yet strangely endearing allies joined the mission to confront Thimbleweed Park’s deepest secrets.

It all culminated in a showdown within the dilapidated halls of the old software company itself. Ray and Delores had to pull off one more crazy, logic-bending hack against a surprisingly twisted adversary. If they succeeded, they would save reality and closure a dark chapter on Thimbleweed Park’s peculiar past. If they failed…well, considering the circumstances, that might actually be preferable to whatever dystopia was in store!

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