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Undead City: Zombie Survivor

Undead City: Zombie Survivor MOD APK v4.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Undead City: Zombie Survivor MOD [Unlimited Money/Gems/VIP] – is a top-down zombie apocalypse survival game for Android. Players take on the role of a survivor trying to stay alive in a city overrun by zombies.

The goal is to survive as many days as possible against the relentless waves of zombies by barricading into buildings, rescuing other survivors, collecting supplies, weapons and ammunition. Players need to tactically take out zombies, barricade entrances, store food supplies, and explore the decaying city for weapons or other survivors.

The zombies come in varying speeds, strengths and sizes, making survival challenging. Some are fast newly turned zombies while others are slow tank-like zombie giants. As days go by, stronger zombies start to appear. Undead City: Zombie Survivor MOD APK

Players need to adapt their survival tactics accordingly, learning each zombie type’s behavior. Players can occupy abandoned buildings to use as strongholds, but zombies can break through weaker barricades. There is a day and night cycle and some zombie types only come out at night.

As players progress, they earn gold coins and experience points to upgrade their weapon damage, accuracy and clip size. The skill tree progression allows players to specialize in different weapons and unlock new abilities.

With endless zombie waves getting harder, strategic building fortifications and optimal resource management is crucial to make it through each night. Undead City offers intense and addictive zombie survival challenged with simple touch controls and retro 2D graphics. The never-ending zombie waves make every playthrough unique as players push their limits to survive one more day.

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