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Zgirls 2-Last One

Zgirls 2-Last One MOD APK v1.0.58 (High damage/Fast walk)

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Zgirls 2-Last One [MOD – High damage/Fast walk] – After the events of the first Zgirls game, the world has been overrun by a deadly zombie virus that has turned most of humanity into the undead. The few remaining survivors have banded together in small camps and settlements, desperately trying to outlast the zombie apocalypse.

You play as Jill, one of the original Zgirls from the first game. Having narrowly escaped with your life, you’ve spent the last few years holed up in an abandoned military bunker along with a small group of fellow survivors.

One day, your radio picks up a broadcast from a massive survivor colony on the opposite side of the country. They claim to have found a potential cure for the zombie virus locked away in a secret government facility. However, the facility is overrun with the undead, and they need skilled fighters to infiltrate and retrieve the cure.

Seeing this as potentially the last hope for humanity, you and your Zgirl companions – deadly zombie-slaying warriors all – decide to undertake the perilous journey across the now zombie-infested nation. Along the way, you’ll have to battle countless hordes of zombies, scavenge for supplies, recruit new survivors to join your team, and defend your mobile basecamp from undead attacks.

The journey is fraught with danger, as not only do you face the continual zombie threat, but also hostile human survivors willing to kill for scarce resources. You’ll encounter crazed zombie cult leaders, bands of merciless raiders, and other hazards in your quest to reach the Colony.

Finally, after months of battling across the wasteland, you reach the colony’s gates. But the government facility holding the cure is an impenetrable zombie nest. In a final epic battle, you and your skilled Zgirl warriors must fight their way to the depths of the facility, retrieving the coveted cure while holding back an endless tide of the undead.

If you succeed, the cure can be mass-produced, offering humanity a chance to finally rebuild after the zombies are eradicated. But this is the last chance – if you fail, all hope for the human race is lost forever in the relentless zombie apocalypse.

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