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Zombie Waves

Zombie Waves MOD APK v3.4.6 (Unlimited Money)

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Zombie Waves MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – It started like any other day in the small town of Willow Creek. People went about their normal routines – grabbing coffee, commuting to work, running errands. No one expected the horrific nightmare that was about to unfold.

The first reports trickled in around noon – there was some kind of crazed outbreak happening at the town hospital. Willow Creek’s under-staffed police force immediately responded, but they were hopelessly unprepared for the shocking sight that awaited them.

Newly-turned undead patients and staff, faces twisted and inhuman, were attacking and biting anyone in their path. The cops opened fire desperately, but the ravenous zombies just kept coming, shrugging off bullet wounds to rip them apart.

By nightfall, the hospital was lost. Worse, people who had been bitten earlier were now turning into undead monsters and spreading the zombie plague exponentially. Terrified townsfolk barricaded themselves indoors as the hungry zombie horde grew larger by the hour.

Those who survived the first bloody night banded together, realizing they would have to work as a squad to escape Willow Creek with their lives. One small group sought shelter in a grocery store, stockpiling supplies while pushing back undead assault waves battering the doors.

Others made a stand at an abandoned mall, using every weapon at their disposal from handguns to sledgehammers. They choked off narrow corridors with barriers and picked off approaching zombies strategically. But for every bullet that dropped one cadaverous corpse, ten more undead replacements appeared.

An even crazier plan saw a handful of people entrench themselves on the roof of a gun store, raining down withering gunfire on the zombie hordes below. But eventually ammunition started to run dry for all the survivors, forcing ever more desperate measures for escape.

As the mindless, flesh-hungry tide of undead threatened to drown Willow Creek, a lucky few groups managed to finally break out of the town in an armored convoy. But the zombie apocalypse had only just begun – who knew what new nightmares awaited out there in the unknown?

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